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Loek de Rooij passed away

Loek de Rooij passed away after a short illness at the age of 75. Loek was one of our most loyal competitors in the Tulpenrallye and he has participated 27 times. In the Gulf Tulpenrallye of 1978 he entered for the first time, together with navigator E. Brink in an Opel Ascona.

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Willem van Leeuwen is the new assistant race director

Willem van Leeuwen is the new assistant race director and added to the Organization Committee of the Tulpenrallye. Willem van Leeuwen was in 2013 the winner of the 60th Tulpenrallye in the Expert Class and brings a lot of rally- and organization experience with him.

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Tulpenrallye at the table #2

“Tulpenrallye at the table #2” was published on Youtube on 6th of March 2021 In “Tulpenrallye at table #2” we are the guest of George Banken (Detron). Detron is a partner of the Tulpenrallye. Besides George Banken the sponsors Daniël Frankenhuis (YveY) and Jan Willem van Es (Hiscox) are present.

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The 67th Tulpenrallye in 2021

The 67th Tulpenrallye will be held (subject to change) from 3nd till 9th of October 2021. It will be the rally we had prepared for 2020 with Bordeaux as the starting point. In view of the limited number of places left, we do not advertise a lot, but registration is still open.

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Tulpenrallye 2021 HQ Locations

Bordeaux, Limoges, Vichy, Beaune, Horbourg-Wihr, Luxembourg and Valkenburg