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Grand Hotel ‘Huis ter Duin’ May 13th

For hotel reservations in Grand Hotel ‘Huis ter Duin’ on Saturday May 13th there is a special Tulpenrallye price available,

Final regulations

The final regulations for the 2016 Tulpenrallye have been published, please click here for the digital version.

Transport to Saint-Vincent

Tinga Autoservice B.V. offers transportation of the rally-car to the start in Saint- Vincent. As an extra service we offer delivery at Geneva Airport in case of sufficient registrations for that.

Route inspection day 1/2/3

Last week two equipes have inspected day 1/2/3 for the sporting/expert and routing/vintage classes.

Reservations Huis ter Duin Tulpenrallye May 7, 2016

For May 7 2016 Grand Hotel Huis ter Duin offers the following prices for Tulpenrallye competitors.

-Single use EUR 160,00
-Double use EUR 180,00

-Single use EUR 210,00
-Double use EUR 230,00

These prices are per night,

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