Home Edition 2020

Originally, the Tulpenrallye was to start on Monday the 11th of May in Bordeaux. We are convinced that at this moment all partners, sponsors, volunteers and participants of the Tulpenrallye will  think about the traditional start of the rally in May.
For the Tulpenrallye experience and excitement, we have organized the “Tulpenrallye Home Edition 2020”. Our loyal Expert class participant Patrick Diemer has put together a map with assignments for each day including an evening stage. The systems are different from the Tulpenrallye itself, but contain enough challenges for everyone. This is the moment that the drivers in the Tulpenrallye can show their navigators that they also master the game. On paper at least.

The “Tulpenrallye Home Edition 2020” is available for everyone! The rally is “driven” daily according to the regulations. Instructions will follow in the daily newsletter of the “Tulpenrallye Home Edition 2020” around 07.50 hrs Dutch time. The material is also available on the website of the Tulpenrallye. In resemblance with the actual Tulpenrallye, there is a starting time and a final passing time on the Finish. Entries that come in later will not be included in the ranking.

Leg 1 (Monday)
Leg 2 (Tuesday)
Leg 3.1 (Wednesday)
Leg 3.2 (Wednesday evening Leg)
Leg 4.2 (Thursday)
Leg 5 (Friday)
Leg 6 (Saturday)

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