Loek de Rooij passed away after a short illness at the age of 75. Loek was one of our most loyal competitors in the Tulpenrallye and he has participated 27 times. In the Gulf Tulpenrallye of 1978 he entered for the first time, together with navigator E. Brink in an Opel Ascona.  

Loek took part in 1994 when the first edition of the International Historic Tulip Rallye started. He was a participant as well as sponsor at that time and appeared at the start in a VW Beetle; a car with a very small cylinder capacity. He initiated the ‘Look Leasing Cup’ for the car with the smallest cylinder capacity, that finishes the rally. This Cup is still awarded today. In 1998 he switched the Beetle for a Ford Cortina, with which his team retired. Since then he competed in the Tulip Rallye with his small and fast Mini Cooper MK I. From 2006 onwards, Loek formed a team together with Rosita Offinga in the expert class. 

Loek had a particularly keen interest in the Tulip Rallye; We will miss him and wish his family, friends and all who knew him a lot of strength with this loss. 

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