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Last week there was a major landslide on the N22 in the direction from France to Andorra. A few hundred tons of earth and rocks have shifted and the N22 will be closed for the next 4 weeks. If you plan to drive from Toulouse to Andorra during the starting weekend,

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Route de Turini 6 May 2018

Participants in the 65th Tulpenrallye can drive the Route de Turini on Sunday 6 May.

65th Tulpenrallye from 6 to 12 May 2018

The 65th edition will start on Monday, May 7 in southern France; On Sunday, May 6, participants and officials gather in the starting location and there will be various activities during that day.

Grand Hotel ‘Huis ter Duin’ May 13th

For hotel reservations in Grand Hotel ‘Huis ter Duin’ on Saturday May 13th there is a special Tulpenrallye price available,

Final regulations

The final regulations for the 2016 Tulpenrallye have been published, please click here for the digital version.

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