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Dear Rally Friends,

Today we publish Tulpenrallye aan tafel #10 This time the Tulpenrallye was welcomed by sponsor SchultenPrint. In the interview Werner Budding talks to Frank Pauli and Kees van Loon about the ongoing preparations. In addition, Eric Schulten (SchultenPrint) and Niels Boersma (Moving Intelligence) are also attending.
In this “Tulpenrallye aan tafel #10”, we focus on the upcoming Conformity control and publish its location: Porsche Centrum Leusden in the Netherlands. This will be for Dutch equipes. Naturally, we are excited about the upcoming test on the historical ground of the Tulpenrallye: De Vlasakkers. For this occasion we have invited rally enthusiasts, affiliated to the KNAC, AMAC and DHRC.
In the upcoming Tulpenrallye, we will be using new technology. The announced replacement for the PIX clock, the Tulpenrallye scanner will be showcased in this broadcast. We will also introduce a tracker for the Touring and Expert class that will allow speed checks in built-up areas and Q-zones.
The Organizing Committee is looking forward to the test at De Vlasakkers and is happy to see participants, sponsors, partners and volunteers again during the Conformity control on Saturday, 15th of April 2023!

Kind regards,
Organizing Committee 69th Tulpenrallye

Tulpenrallye aan tafel #10 (link)

Tulpenrallye Conformity control at Porsche Centrum Leusden (Dutch equipes)

Saturday afternoon April 15th, 2023 the conformity checks for the 69th Tulpenrallye will be organized at Porsche Centrum Leusden, Zuiderinslag 8, 3833 BP Leusden in The Netherlands. The invitation for this was sent out a few weeks ago.

Trackers in the rally cars for speed checks

From all conversations we have had with permit issuers, municipalities and police, we can conclude that speed limit compliance is becoming an increasingly important issue. This is not only an issue at the Tulpenrallye. Section 8.9 of the regulations describes that, as in previous years, the organization carries out checks on the driven speed. Given the growing importance of this, we need to organize this in a solid way for the future.
In the upcoming Tulpenrallye, the cars of participants in the Touring and Expert class will be pre-equipped with GPS trackers by Moving Intelligence. For the Touring class, the data from these trackers will be used to check compliance with the speed limit at a number of locations that will be chosen in advance by the organization. As in previous years, these are mainly locations within built-up areas and locations sensitive to the exemptions. Furthermore, these trackers can be used to measure and monitor the average speed in the Q zones. For the Expert class, the trackers will only be used during the evening stage in the 2023 edition. In this evening element of the rally, we have had problems with residents in recent years. We think the use of trackers is one of the means to further control this so that we can continue to run the evening stage in the future.
The GPS trackers are owned by the Tulpenrallye organization and provided by Moving Intelligence. Moving Intelligence is a company with an automotive heart, and that strengthens the link with our rallying. More about this tracker (the Mi100) and its installation video (LINK) can be found at this LINK.

1st Tulpenrallye Member meeting
In Newsletter #3 of 2023, we introduced the Tulpenrallye Member or Business Club entry. With these subscriptions, you support the Tulpenrallye organization with a financial contribution. With the contribution of Partners and Sponsors, supplemented by that of the Tulpenrallye Member and Business Club, we are able to continue to organize the rally at the high level it is.
As many as 40 of the participants in the 69th Tulpenrallye have become “Tulpenrallye Member”. On March 23rd, we held the 1st member meeting at our sponsor Scotch Whisky Investments. As many as 25 enthusiastic members attended this successful meeting.

Important: Rallycheck app

The Rallycheck app will be used by all crews to digitally take over the route check card themselves prior to each turn-in time and send it to the accounting office (Article 9.4 Regulations). Question notes following the rally can be submitted digitally via the Rallycheck app. During the prologue, an instruction sheet on how to use the Rallycheck app will be handed out at the document check. According to the regulations, the use of a phone is prohibited during the rally. You will be asked to take your phone out of the trunk and type the control card into the Rallycheck app at the lunch venue and the finish. The advantage is that an equipe immediately sees how many mistakes have been made. Of course, neutralizations and so on are processed later. For the Tulpenrallye organization, the advantage is that all maps are fully digital in the system. Of course, the digital map is compared with the physical map. Input errors are corrected by the accounting department. During a test, the stamp ‘V’ had run out on a number of crews due to rain. In a few cases, an ‘A’ was entered. Such an error is corrected. However, deliberately entering something else will be penalized with a penalty for digital tampering.
We request every team is to download the Rallycheck app on at least one (1) phone prior to the conformity checks in Vichy France. The app must be used with the e-mail address present in the administration of the Tulpenrallye organization. Should this be different or incorrect, we will correct it together with you during the conformity checks.

Environmentally friendly fuel

Classic cars are less environmentally friendly than their modern counterparts are. Therefore, many enthusiasts want to make their hobby more sustainable. Changing fuel already makes a big step. In 2022, an equipe drove for the first time on cleaner fuel.
In cooperation with Coryton Ltd, Ecomaxx has formulated a fuel with an Octane rating of 98, a direct replacement for Superplus98 petrol, exclusively for the Tulpenrallye. It is an 80% CO2 neutral fuel that mixes smoothly with normal petrol and can be used directly in all participating car brands in the Tulpenrallye without any modifications. All cars, from Alfa’s to Volvo’s, run on it without any problems.
Coryton Ltd has a long experience in the rally world. They supplied a CO2 neutral fuel to the WRC Prodrive rally team in 2022. Ecomaxx’s years of experience in the oldtimer world, its Classic Car Fuel knowledge and the cooperation with Coryton Ltd. make it possible to put together this fuel exclusively for the Tulpenrallye.
Ecomaxx will make 1,000 litres of this fuel available to the Tulpenrallye organization free of charge. The aim is for 15 to 20 crews to drive CO2 neutral on the last day of the Tulpenrallye. The Tulpenrallye organization will approach a number of crews for this purpose. This will be a unique event because never before have so many old-timers driven CO2 neutral at the same time in one event. Together with the Tulpenrallye organization, Ecomaxx wants to make a statement to safeguard the future of our rally sport.

Map reading test on De Vlasakkers

Prior to the Conformity control, participants and guests will drive the historic test on De Vlasakkers. The test has a driving time of about 30 minutes. All (Dutch) participants and invitees will be informed about this shortly via an e-mail message.

New: Tulpenrallye scannerTo replace the PIX clock, this year we shall be using a system where participants use their participant badge to ‘clock in’ the time. We have called it the “Tulpenrallye scanner”. On the back of the participant badge is a QR code. This QR code is read by the “Tulpenrallye scanner” after which the time is displayed on the screen. In “Tulpenrallye at the table #10”, Kees van Loon demonstrates how it works. Both members of a team have the same QR code and can therefore both operate the “Tulpenrallye scanner”. The “Tulpenrallye scanner” transmits the recorded times directly to the accounting department. We can use the “Tulpenrallye scanner” for the TC-IN locations but also at locations like TC at the start of the day or TC after lunch.

The Tulpenrallye app

The Tulpenrallye app will also be used during this year’s rally. Participants, start lists, results and route explanation maps are included in the app. You can choose to follow your own team in the app, which saves time finding your results. The explanation maps can only be found in the this Tulpenrallye app.

Tour de Vichy

A practice ride can be driven at noon on Sunday May 7th, 2023. The route is about a 3-hour drive. The Tulpenrallye route managers let us know that it is well worth exploring the area, especially since the Tulpenrallye takes place around Vichy on Monday. There will be route controls along the practice ride but there will be no standings. More information will be available.
Registration for the “Tour de Vichy” can be done by sending an email message to the Rally Office (rallyoffice@tulpenrallye.nl). The start list/starting time for the “Tour de Vichy” will be published in a Newsletter.

Sponsor Moving Intelligence

Moving Intelligence is the supplier of the GPS trackers used by the Tulpenrallye. In addition to being a supplier, Moving Intelligence is now also a sponsor of the Tulpenrallye.
Moving Intelligence is the market leader in the Netherlands and offers the most advanced services in the field of vehicle security, trip registration, fleet management and sustainable mobility. It helps customers get a grip on everything that moves and has more than 20 years of experience. This is done with invisibly built-in hardware and software that makes information visible.

Online Tulpenrallye for foundation DONFor the second year in a row, foundation DON is the charity of the Tulpenrallye. Last year, we raised the fantastic sum of 45,000 euros for DON. Every cent of this donation was invested in research to cure type 1 diabetes. This year, too, we are asking participants at the Tulpenrallye for attention and a contribution for DON. This year in an original way.
During the 69th edition of the Tulpenrallye, crews will not only drive 2,500 kilometers on mainly French roads. DON is organizing a digital rally, with each crew getting a personal online rally page. With a matching QR code, you simply and quickly – via a WhatsApp message or an email – invite all your friends and family to sponsor your online rally. Every donation you receive via this link brings your team closer to the digital finish. If you reach this finish, you will have a chance to win some fantastic privileges during the real rally. The three crews that raise the highest amount for DON will earn a position on the digital podium and win the three most sought-after privileges.
During the prologue on April 15th, 2023, the DON team will be present to inform all equips and the starting gun of the online rally will be fired. Bon voyage!

Important dates

  • Conformity check (Prologue)           April 15th, 2023 Dutch crews
  • Conformity check (Prologue)           May 7th, 2023 foreign crews
  • Practice drive Sunday Vichy            May 7th, 2023
  • 69th Tulpenrallye                             7th to 13nd of May 2023




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