The Orange Babies Foundation will again be embraced as a charity of the Tulpenrallye in 2020. Orange Babies is striving for more than 20 years for a world in which children are no longer born with HIV. In addition, it makes a high effort for a society where mothers, children and adolescents, who suffer the consequences of the HIV epidemic, have a fair chance of a future. Orange Babies is fighting the causes and effects of the epidemic. She initiates and supports projects in Namibia, South Africa and Zambia that take care of pregnant women, babies, children and adolescents in vulnerable communities where the HIV infection rate is high.

Together with Orange Babies, the Tulpenrallye supports the Pakachele School in Zambia. The school offers education to around 400 children living in the Lusaka area. In addition to regular education, this school has two classes with both ten deaf children. The children of Pakachele School are single or double orphans as a result of the HIV epidemic. Orange Babies ensures that every child is provided with two nutritious meals a day, a school uniform, books and school materials in addition to education. The school fees and teachers’ salaries are also covered.

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