Tulpenrallye 2016

Passion for Classics; Passion for Life


The 63rd edition of the Tulpenrallye will be held from 1 to 7 May 2016. After various successful and challenging editions during the recent years, the 63rd chapter of the history of the ‘Tulip’ will be written in 2016. This edition of the Netherlands’ eldest, largest and most famous event for classic cars, will again be a sporty and challenging rally for automobiles and their crews. During the day, the teams in the various classes will perform a thrilling battle for the right routes and to find and list the controls at the correct passing times. At the end of each stage there is sufficient time for meeting fellow participants, relaxation and networking at the unique lunch locations and the beautiful finish places.

Route Managers
The routes for this year’s edition will again be created and managed by the highly experienced navigators and managers of classic rallies Jan and Erwin Berkhof. Father and son Berkhof jointly won the Coupe Rallye des Tulipes 6 times since 2002 as navigators. The emphasis in the route of the 63rd Tulpenrallye will more than in previous years be on driving particularly beautiful and challenging trails, with a good balance in each class between map reading assignments and the time schedule. The navigation challenges will be more focused on the second half of the week, with an emphasis on more scenic routes during the first days.

Start in Saint-Vincent, Italy
The start of the 63rd Tulpenrallye will be held in Saint-Vincent; an attractive small town in northern Italy in the Aosta Valley. Saint-Vincent is located about 1,000 km from Utrecht and is easily accessible via the German and Swiss motorways and than through the Great St. Bernard tunnel or pass. The airports of Milan and Geneva are 150 and 180 km away respectively, with the Turin airport being even closer to Saint-Vincent. Saint-Vincent_2Saint-Vincent was founded in the 11th century by Benedictine monks and has a pleasant micro-climate, partly due to its location at 575 meters.

The Head Quarters (HQ) of the 63rd Tulpenrallye will again be located in the Grand Hotel and Parc Hotel Billia, which also has a casino. The Grand Hotel in particular has a great atmosphere and a rich history and was recently renovated keeping the original ceilings of the hotel, which was first built in 1897. The hotel and its beautiful gardens will be the location for the cocktail party with all participants and officials on Sunday 1 May. Saint-Vincent has several hotels and the nice terraces in the city will undoubtedly be well occupied on Sunday, May 1st. The town is very pleased that the crews will return to Saint-Vincent and will organize an event on Sunday afternoon during which all crews will be introduced to the public at a podium in the centre. The start of the 63rd Tulpenrallye takes place on Monday May 2nd from Via Chanoux, the main street of the town.

The route locations

  • Sunday May 1 Saint-Vincent, Italy
  • Monday May 2 Cinisello Balsamo (Milan North), Italy
  • Tuesday May 3 Feldkirch, Austria
  • Wednesday May 4 Horbourg-Wihr, France
  • Thursday May 5 Mondorf-les-Bains, Luxemburg
  • Friday May 6 Vaals, the Netherlands
  • Saturday May 7 Noordwijk, the Netherlands

You can find the complete list of Head Quarter locations here.

The route
The route will this year have a more easterly orientation compared to the previous years in which we were largely driving in the French Alps, Jura and Vosges. This has nothing to do with us not being satisfied with the French hospitality or not recognizing the French roots of the ‘Tulip”, but is entirely driven by our intention to present different routes to our participants every year. On Monday May 2nd the first stage will be driven: a beautiful route through the Aosta Valley in Italy, followed by an afternoon leg through the Lombardy Province. The finish of the first day is located in Cinisello Balsamo, which is in the northern part of Milan, Italy. The level of difficulty in this first day is not too high, so that all teams have the opportunity to get into the rhythm of the rally.

On Tuesday May 3rd, the route runs north through Italy, Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Austria. The Italian part of the route includes some beautiful roads and lunch will be at a karting circuit where the crews can watch other crews drive their regularity test during the lunch. In the afternoon route we will cross a pass with an altitude of more than 2.000 meters. We have not covered such high passes for many years and that will be a challenging drive indeed. The routes in Switzerland will also provide some stunning views. After that we will drive in Liechtenstein and Austria; both countries where the Tulpenrallye has not been for many years. The finish of the second day will be in the recently built Montforthaus in the city centre of Feldkirch, Austria. The local authorities have provided us with the approval to park all cars in the beautiful and old centre of Feldkirch (including the street where the James Bond 007 Quantum of Solace movie has been recorded).

The start on Wednesday May 4th will include a regularity test at a test track near Feldkirch, after which the route will go in westerly direction. The morning will include some challenging navigation routes south of Lake Konstanz (no CH Highway vignette required for the route this year) and lunch will be served at a beautiful golf resort in the South of Germany. The entire afternoon will cover some interesting routes in the Black Forest in Germany. The finish of the 3rd day of the 2016 Tulpenrallye will be in the Hotel L’Europe in Horbourg-Wihr (near Colmar, France), which we have also visited in previous years. The Expert class will drive the evening leg on Wednesday evening.

Thursday May 5th will then provide a full day of driving in our beloved France including some routes through the Vosges, the area where the Tulpenrallye has been driven most. The navigation challenges on this day will be significant and the finish on that day will be in the Kurort of Mondorf-les-Bains in Luxemburg. We did visit this location also during our jubilee-edition of 2013 and the Mondorf Parc Hotel will again provide the right ambiance for our evening dinner on Thursday.

Friday (May 6th) will as always be a challenging day. The route on that day will go through Luxemburg as well as Belgium, with lunch being organized at the border between both countries. The nature of the maps in both countries as well as some of the constructions designed by our road managers will provide interesting ingredients for a solid day of classic rallying in which all crews will need to work hard to maintain or improve their positions. The finish of the 5th stage is at Bilderberg Hotel Kasteel Vaalsbroek in Vaals, which is the same location as in the previous two years as we do significantly enjoy the hospitality provided by our sponsor Bilderberg Hotels.

The 6th leg will be driven on Saturday May 7th with a route from Vaals to Noordwijk in the Netherlands. The new concept for the last day through the Netherlands that we have tested in 2015 will be maintained with more navigation on rural roads (with special rules for time and speed controls), a limited number of tests as well as at least one particularly challenging map reading stage included in the route this last day. Along the route there will also be some stops in a limited number of villages in the Netherlands, allowing the general public to meet the event.

The total length of the rally for the Expert class will be about 2350 km, the Sporting Class approximately 2200 km, the Touring class about 2050 km and for the Vintage Class 1800 km, divided into 6 stages which are divided into several sections.

Entry will be possible in the following classes:

  • Vintage Class, for cars built before 1951;
  • Touring Class, for participants with little or no rally experience;
  • Sporting Class, for more experienced teams;
  • Expert Class, in which the teams with the most experience will compete;

The Expert Class and Sporting Class will drive (almost) every day a regularity stage. The Touring and Vintage Class will also drive a regularity stage on selected days. For all classes, there is almost daily a challenging driving test on a closed location. The Expert Class drives on Wednesday night the evening stage. All four classes will drive a separate route based on a specific roadbook per class (which will be distributed per leg at the start of that leg). Separate classifications will be made per Class. The winning crew in the Expert Class is the overall winner of the 63rd Tulpenrallye. To allow participants to meet each other as much as possible throughout the event, there will be a different starting order per day and this will vary by class.

The age limit for cars in Expert, Sporting and Touring class is 31-12-1971. In the Vintage class this is 31-12-1950 (the construction date of the car as stated on the registration certificate, is decisive). Enrolling in the Expert class is mandatory for navigators that finished in the top-3 in the Sporting Class or in the Expert class in the Tulpenrallye of 2013, 2014 or 2015. The Sporting Class is mandatory for navigators that finished in the top-3 in the Touring class in the Tulpenrallye of 2013, 2014 or 2015.

Besides personal prizes in each of the four Classes, there are prizes for the day-winners in each class (except Saturday). There are also various prizes per car brand. Next to that each crew can enroll in a separate competition for teams (3-5 crews per team). Each crew can only participate in one team. There is also a separate team competition under the name Nations Cup. Country teams (compiled by the Organization in advance) qualify for this cup.

Registration for the 63rd Tulpenrallye is by invitation only. The registration is open from October 31st 2015 (10:00 hrs) and is possible only through this website. Registration closes on February 1st 2016, or earlier if the maximum number of 230 participants has been reached.

Once the registration form on the website has been completed, a confirmation mail that the entry has been received will be sent via e-mail. After the data and the photographs have been received, the pre-entry fee has been received and the registration has been accepted by the Committee the crew will be entered on the starting list on the website. This is the confirmation that the registration is final. When the maximum number of entries of 230 has been reached, the same criteria will be applied on subsequent entries and these will be included on the waiting list accordingly. When a crew retires from the entry list, this entry will be offered to the next crew on the waiting list.

The entry fee is € 2,325 per crew. € 350 of this should be paid directly at the registration as a pre-registration fee. Included in the fee are: 6 days rally, 6 dinners (including the awards ceremony and gala dinner on May 7th in Grand Hotel ‘Huis ter Duin’ in Noordwijk), 6 lunches and all required rally materials. Each crew will also receive one unique limited edition Fromanteel Tulpenrallye 2016 watch (with a value of € 599), with the starting number of the crew engraved in it. This watch is being offered to the crew by Fromanteel. Participants will have a possibility to purchase another watch (also with the starting number of the crew engraved) on 16 April after which they will become available for the market. Each crew will also receive two Tulpenrallye polo shirts, caps and sweaters that are being offered by Twinlife.

Hotels need to be booked by the crew itself, and are for the crew’s own account. The entry fee for the crew includes the cost of the ‘events registration certificate’ of the KNAF that is compulsory by the KNAF in 2016 for all participants in classic rally events that are being organized under the authority of the KNAF. This certificate (with a value of € 25 per person) also includes a personal accident insurance for each member of the crew. Those participants that can show at the documents control on April 16th or May 1st a valid (for the year 2016) racing, rally or historic rally license, will receive a refund of € 25 Euro per person.
The conformity control for the Dutch teams will be held on Saturday April 16th 2016 at Athlon in Almere in the Netherlands, and for foreign crews on Sunday May 1st 2016 in Saint-Vincent, Italy.

We very much look forward to welcoming you in Saint-Vincent at the start of the 63rd Tulpenrallye on May 1st 2016

Yours sincerely,
The organizing committee