Tulpenrallye Home Edition 2020 | Day 1

Today we will start with Leg 1 of the first Tulpenrallye Home Edition 2020. We will start in Bordeaux and finish in Limoges. Remember to visit the lunch location. The Finish today closes at 20.00 hrs. Results that are sent in afterwards will not be included in the ranking. 

The route was designed by Patrick Diemer. The committee appreciates the effort our loyal competitor has taken and we are happy to participate in this initiative. Together with Patrick we trust a lot of people will have a great time during the various challenges. To be included in the rankings, it is necessary to send in the results with the same email address and exactly the same first and last name every day.


How many cities, marked with a black circle on a white spot do you go through?

NB: D979 is considered to access Limoges directly. You may take it.


Starting tomorrow the results of the previous day will be published in the newsletter. Starting Wednesday the rankings will also be published.


The Home Edition has it’s own regulations. These apply to all Legs. If additional information is applicable, it will appear in the daily newsletter only.

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