Tulpenrallye Home Edition 2020 | Day 2

Full of enthousiasm 215 participants showed up at the start of our Tulpenrallye Home Edition yesterday! What an overwhelming number! Great that so many of participated! Right up untill the very last seconds answers were submitted. At exactly 20.00 hours we closed the virtual finish line and we can imagine that you are keen to know how you did? Well the number of correct driven routes is surprisingly low today. You can find the correct answers below. 
We received about 10 solutions per mail. These participants were requested to submit their answers through the button in the news letter or via the website. We also got some questions regarding the content that we answered where possible. A  couple of participants had second thoughts and re-submitted their answers. Unfortunately only the first submission is valid. You will find today’s winners at the bottom of this newsletter. There is still enough opportunity for everyone to to win, so don’t give up!

Today we drive from Limoges to Vichy. A completely different, but at least as challenging ride. Dont forget to have lunch and be back in time. The finish has to be passed at 20.00 hours sharp!


How many blue needles (which mark distances) do you go through?

NB. D979 is considered to access Limoges directly.



The Home Edition has it’s own regulations. These apply to all Legs. If additional information is applicable, it will appear in the daily newsletter only.