Tulpenrallye Home Edition 2020 | Day 3 – Leg 3.1

Yesterday 202 enthusiastic participants appeared at the start of our Tulpenrallye Home Edition! All participants made it to the finish in Vichy. In the real Tulpenrallye, that’s different sometimes. The weather is also different, last night it was dry, but only 11 degrees in Vichy. Outside drinks was no option.
We received a few questions about the rules. That’s part of rallying of course. Some participants wanted to use the real Tulpenrallye regulations. Of course, good reading is also an art: the fact that you are only allowed to use a road fragment once means of course that you are not allowed to cross that same road. Yesterday’s explanation at the bottom of the newsletter will clarify a lot.
Today, Wednesday, is a long and busy day. The map material is enclosed as a PDF (click on the map) below. The finish is no later than 20.00 hrs. Immediately after that the evening stage will start at 20.01 with a finish at 22:00 hrs. The map material will be in your mailbox and on the Tulpenrallye website around 19.45 hrs. Good luck today!

(click on map for download)

Drive from start to finish, via lunch. Please note the number of cities/ villages you go through that end with the letter “e. Start, lunch and finish locations included. Please send us your answer.

(click on image for download)


The Home Edition has it’s own regulations. These apply to all Legs. If additional information is applicable, it will appear in the daily newsletter only.