Tulpenrallye Home Edition 2020 | Day 4

Day of judgement for a lot of our competitors. The day stage was not driven well by many of the teams. Due to the bad and dark weather, the navigators will just not have seen the right route. Of the 188 started participants, 48 teams made no mistakes. All participants have reached the finish in Beaune.
The evening stage was driven by 164 participants. At the bottom of this newsletter the classification and the explanation of the correct routes!
Today we are going to Colmar. We start the day dry and the temperature rises to 17 degrees. So that outdoor drink is coming soon. But, pay attention to the instructions on the map, sometimes a red road is allowed. We are going to count department boundaries and we are not used to that. In addition, Bulletin 1 will be published right after lunch! The map material is again included as a PDF. Good luck today!

(click on the map for download)

Drive from start, via lunch to finish. How many departemental boarder lines marked by “+-+-+-+-” do you go through? NB: The red road may be driven on the marked areas. Enjoy the wonderfull view on the Ballons!