Tulpenrallye Home Edition 2020 | Day 5

As committee we are very happy with the razor-sharp regulations. Many participants take the Tulpenrallye Home Edition very seriously and ask us a lot of questions. We advise everyone to read “article 4” again😊.
Thursday’s stage was well driven by participants. It was a bit of a puzzle to get out of Beaune and at Montbozon a pair of glasses or a magnifying glass was needed. Participants remain enthusiastic and will start again on Friday morning. The classification shows only a limited number of participants with “0” errors. They are being chased by a large group with only “1” fault. So still all chances to set the results to your liking!
Today we are going to Luxembourg. We ride under a cloudy sky and through an area known by the Tulpenrallye participants. The map material is again included as a PDF.


See the map for the instructions for this leg. (to download as pdf click on the map)



The Home Edition has it’s own regulations. These apply to all Legs. If additional information is applicable, it will appear in the daily newsletter only.

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