Tulpenrallye Home Edition 2020 | Evening Leg 3-2

We knew already that Wednesday was going to be a tough day. Two stages today, the day stage (Leg 3-1) on which many participants are still on their way to the finish. And then the evening stage (Leg 3-2) which starts at 20:01 and will finish at 22:00. This stage will count separately in the results (see regulations).

Besides that we have bad weather on the route today, it’s only 9 degrees and there’s a lot of rain! The route is also a lot more difficult to construct than Tuesday’s route. Tiredness will also play a role for a number of equips. Whether or not you finished in the day stage, we challenge you to participate in the evening stage. The evening stage has a different system, read the instructions carefully.

The results of Leg 3-1 and Leg 3-2 and the classification will be published in tomorrow morning’s newsletter together with the details for the fourth day of this Tulpenrallye Rally Home Edition 2020.


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The Home Edition has it’s own regulations. These apply to all Legs. If additional information is applicable, it will appear in the daily newsletter only.